BBX Music Rehearsals In Leigh

BBX Music

BBX like most people in the business was founded and is run by musicians. We've all had that struggle to find a decent place to play, not only that but also the chore of struggling about with the kit too. Due to the demand and our position to, we built BBX Rehearsal Rooms at Leigh Spinners Mill.

We were actually the "unofficial" first business to open as an independent business since the closing of Spinners Mill many years ago. The project has been taken over by Friends Of Spinners Mill who are a team of people that are preserving as much of the mills heritage as possible while recycling the building into workable suites, hence where we are now.

Although much of the mill is still undergoing a lot of work, over time it will transform into a hive of activity as is already happening on the Sports Suite-Floor 2.

We were offered the opportunity to build brand new rehearsal rooms and begin the continued love of music while offering others the ability to practice and become that inspiring singer, metal drummer or the next Hendrix. We have put a lot of love, sweat and beers into this place and we look forward to meeting you all.